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Experienced in looking forward

Our new Joint Venture is to provide efficient, safe and competitive services in the Pireaus, Lavrion, Patras and Mykonos areas, as well as in the greater Greek Market. 

Polution Control

Our company has the necessary expertise, trained personnel and specialised equipment for effective marine pollution control. Our personnel is properly trained on pollution control and recovery techniques; also our tugboats are equipped with tanks of dispersing agents, oil pumps, oil containment booms, floating skimmer oil collectors, oil absorbent booms and pads etc.  

Open Sea Towage

Oferred services with a modern tug fleet ranging up to 100 tons bollard pull, permanently fitted with all necessary towing gears (main & spare) and trading all over the world. Our fleet is capable of executing any open sea and ocean transportation to all types of tows, including drilling rigs, oil production platforms and barges, transport barges, tankers and any large floating objects over any distance to any destination, 365 days / year, 24 hours / day.

Harbour & Terminal Towage

MedTugs operates in the busiest and most important Greek port, Piraeus port. Also, we have base in Lavrion port and Mykonos Port. We constantly trying to upgrade our fleet and we are proud to operate one of the largest and most modern fleets of tugboats in Mediteranean sea.We believe that the key to success though is our people, who are passionate and committed to their roles. Round-the-clock, fully integrated office operation department, tug crew readiness, efficient ship-handling, precise maneuvering and safe positioning requires well trained and properly motivated shore-based & seagoing personnel.  


Help for ships and distress always has top priority. This prevents injury to people and damage to ships or cargo, but also prevents damage to the environment. With our fleet stationed on Greece coast and in other Mediterranean ports, we can provide assistance within the shortest possible time. We have acquired our know-how in numerous salvage operations all over the world.

Offshore Services

Another MedTugs added-value service is the one relating to specialised towage, anchor-handling and associated requirements of the offshore energy industry. In addition to sea towage and anchor-handling operations, Medtugs and multipurpose craft work as heavy lift, support, standby, supply and crew-tender vessels. 

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